Hey everyone! Mind if i speak a bit?

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Hey everyone! Mind if i speak a bit?

Post  Sir Rip on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:02 pm

Hey Eco users! I was just having a great time on your server when I was banned, without a warning, for little to no reason! Isnt that great? I spent literally every hour of Garry's Mod I played for the past TWO WEEKS on your server! I was just minding my own business, as I ALWAYS do, working on my newest Hydualic engine car, when Car decides that the server is going to switch to disaster! Disater just so happens to be the only map ive never played on before, and Ive experienced this problem two or three times here before, this time, I didnt want to have to deal with a server full of mingebags and complete dicks for an hour, so I asked him whether we could not, for i had download BOTH versions of disaster, NEITHER worked! Instead he took me for an idiot, and explained how to move the BSP file into my maps folder. And i said "I already know how to do that Bit!" Car responds with a friendly "did you just call me a bitch? this sir is your last time playing here!" Isnt that awesome? I spent literally every moment of my time in your server admiring the engines and other creations you guys had built, trying my best to put my own spin on your designs, complementing everyone's creations, and I get banned! Without a warning even! Isnt it just GREAT when you lose TWO WEEKS worth of creations youve built? I sure think so! "Maybe you should THINK about what that person has done on your server BEFORE you ban them!" sounds something like an old, reliable, and often used saying right? Thats because it IS. Maybe you shouldve thought about what i had contributed, Car. Well, im going to get back to being frustrated with Gluttony's new password and Ip address now, neither of which theyll tell anyone!

Sir Rip

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