Irrational Ban?

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Irrational Ban?

Post  AirAKose on Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:22 pm

I was playing on your build server today when it crashed. I tried to rejoin, and as I was rejoining I decided to go get something quick to eat. When I returned, it said that I had been kicked for "Spamming", then when I attempted to rejoin, it said I had been banned. I did not spam at all. I did not spam prior to the crash, I was in no way related to the server crash, in fact I had spawned nothing when it crashed before, and I wasn't on my computer when I was kicked and banned for "spamming".
Please reconsider my ban. I'd like to keep a clean record between all GMod servers, and have done nothing wrong.

I think it was ThePostman who banned me since he was the only admin on at the time. He refuses to talk in steam chat.


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